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Driving For Access Car Rental Kigali City

Driving For Access Car Rental Kigali City requires preparation as different countries have various laws and traffic rules. Learn about requirements for a driver license before you leave your home country, auto insurance, road rules and permits. You must be sure that your Driving Permit will be valid in country/countries which you are going to visit. Some countries require availability of the International Driving Permits for foreign drivers. You should also know a term of the International Drivinng Permit’s validity since different countries have different terms from one month to one year. If you stay in the country longer than the International Driving Permit’s validity period, you will be obliged to obtain the Driving Permit issued by the visited country.

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Group Tour Car Rentals

Rent the Toyota Coaster bus that Carries up to 30 people , suitable for group travels (students, families) and conference or business travels.


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We provide both small group tours and customised itineraries that meet your specific interests and budget, not only in Uganda, but throughout East Africa.